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Dale Brickner

The industrial valve repair industry has lost one of its most respected members. Dale Brickner passed away on January 30, 2017.

Our condolences go out to Laura, Kori, Austin, Taylor and his brother Brad, as well as all other family members. They also go out to anyone who had the pleasure of working with or around Dale.

Dale's love and pride in his family was incredibly strong and perhaps his most defining trait. Dale had worked for over thirty years in the valve repair business, primarily in California but also extensively in Nevada, Oregon and Alaska. His reputation as an expert in steam applications and safety valves was beyond reproach.

His no nonsense approach to problem solving was highly effective and admired by all. In the sometimes boring and mundane business of mechanical maintenance, Dale's colorful language and unorthodox way generally increased the interest level of all around him; both customers and coworkers.

His sophisticated business sense was deeply relied upon by many he worked with.

Anyone who knew Dale will remember him as an honest and caring person; if you were lucky enough to be friends with Dale, you had a friend forever.

Hey dude, we love and will miss you dearly.

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