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4th Quarter 2016

On December 16th, the CVS family held our second annual Holiday Party at The North Beach Restaurant in San Francisco, good times were had by all. We are very grateful for all our full time and contract workers who worked through the holidays and during our holiday party. In the fourth quarter CVS entered an agreement with Raggio Metallurgical Services to manage and assist CVS in compliance and qualification to the myriad of ASME Section 9 Welding requirements meeting industry standards. Year end capital expenditures included: a Nitron 60 alloy analyzer strengthening our internal quality program; a new 53ft field service trailer; as well as a new 80” lathe for the field service trailer.

Our safety program remains on track, there were zero near misses, no accidents or injuries, and no first aid administered. We finished the year with over 100,000 man hours with no OSHA recordables or lost time incidents.

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