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3rd Quarter 2015

With the addition of key personnel we have begun to persue the marine industry and we were immediately awarded a major contract.

Several shop improvements have taken place during this quarter. We have designed and are fabricating a control valve test stand. With a 6” pneumatic ram we can safely and efficiently test up to a 12” valve. We established a protocol to ensure adequate material control for raw materials used in the remanufacturing process. We also completed an isolated area where only these materials are handled. We purchased a new Miller Synchrowave 250 for SMAW aid and GTAW operations. This acquisition allows us to advance our welding capabilities.

Through a strong group effort a plan has been finalized on data aquisation. This will allow our customers real time access to work being preformed by Custom Valve Solutions.

We are fine tuning the budget and action plan for VR certification.

Our safety program stays the course with one near miss recorded, zero accidents or injuries, and no first aid administered.

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