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Shop Services

With 30,000 square feet of shop space is serviced by three bridge cranes with 6 ton and 25 ft of clear ceiling height there is little in the way of valve and actuator repair which can’t be safely and efficiently worked on.  Six assembly stations are serviced by 2-ton hoists, providing safe and efficient material handling.

Specialized equipment includes:

     National Board VR Certified

     Control Valve Test Stand

     MOV Test Station

     Hydrostatic testing capabilities up to 16,000 lbs.


     AVK safety valve list assist

All records and information about your repairs are electronically formatted and available for customer viewing from your facility.

Turnarounds and Field Service

Turnarounds allow for necessary maintenance and upkeep of operating units and are necessary to support safe and efficient operations.


Custom Valve Solutions provides several services to aid with turnarounds and outages — full service maintenance, repair, modifications and maintenance management. Our field service team is supported by our two 48-foot mobile machine shops and equipped with various tools and equipment as required.


As in all work Custom Valve Solution performs, safety is always at the forefront. Contact us today to discuss your turnaround and outage service needs. 


Looking for a special product?  With over 40 years industry experience we have developed a large outsourcing network that allows us to find almost any type of valve to meet your specifications.


Through industry contacts, both through distribution and at the manufacturing plants, we can get you correct answers quickly.  With a keen eye on OSHA 1910.119 we understand Management of Change issues and won’t offer you unrealistic options.

Additional Services
  • Online documentation - Custom Valve Solutions has an online documentation system to get access to customer history.

  •  Pick-up and delivery - Custom Valve Solutions offers pick-up and delivery services to decrease cost and time associated with using in-house staff.

  •  Rapid turnaround - Custom Valve Solutions offers quick turnaround on repair services.

  • Replacement or exchange program - Custom Valve Solutions has capabilities and resources for exchanging the damaged equipment or instrument with a new or used unit, which can decrease any downtime in the facility or end the need to ship and outsource work.

  •  Budget Preparation Our people can do site surveys, help in scope development and translate all of this into dollars.

  •  Accurate and timely job costing and billing conducted in such a way that the end-user can "close their jobs” quickly and without surprises.

  •  Simplified rate sheets. Our rate sheet is essentially all-inclusive. That way no time is wasted in trying to compute extra or ancillary costs.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance and services contracts refer to programs for performing proactive maintenance to prevent system problems. Preventative valve maintenance, when performed regularly by skilled people, can mean the difference between ideal operation of your facilities or pipeline and an unscheduled shutdown.

Unplanned Outages and Emergencies

Valve failures can happen at any time or day - usually at the worst possible moment.  Custom Valve Solutions will make every effort to support your unplanned outage valve repair needs. These outages may be the result of valve failure, but more typically than not they are the result of another failure in the system. 


When you need immediate help Custom Valve Solutions can help.  Factory trained technicians are only a phone call away—anytime, day or night.


Our technicians are factory qualified with in-depth, hands-on training, safety awareness and ongoing education throughout their service career. Coupled with our local business partners, Custom Valve Solutions has a team of professionals ready to find and solve the most complex of problems.


Our services are tailored to the individual customer's needs ensuring that we bring the right capabilities, tools, and equipment directly to your site or delivered to our in-house repair shop to aid with repairs.

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