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Custom Valve Solutions provides options and solutions to valve and component replacements, new valves, and all your valve service needs.


Custom Valve Solutions has the right people in the right places. This allows us to maximize value to the customer. While we’re not big on titles we are big on assuming responsibility and doing our jobs.


Starting with our technicians, the concept of taking care of the customer and doing “whatever it takes” is ingrained. Our highly skilled technicians have decades of valuable knowledge and are completely committed to providing a quality product in a safe way. These seasoned veterans are the backbone of our operation.


Our sales team and project managers are acquainted with all the methods required to get the job done.  With some of the best people around, they are well versed in industry knowledge, product knowledge, and specifically, what is most important to each of our valuable customers. Therefore, our team can generate viable options that are required in emergency situations, providing expert solutions for even the most difficult challenges.


Custom Valve's management team has long-term experience from both the manufacturing and service perspectives. This coupled with a strong respect for safety, engineering and project execution has helped Custom Valve to earn the business of some of the biggest names in the industry.


Our staff of machinists, technicians, project planners, and managers adhere to the most demanding of industry standards while ensuring safety when it comes to the valves we sell and repair.  At Custom Valve Solutions we pay close attention to every job's specifications and offer practical solutions.


Our rates are competitive, and we commit to the most prompt and cost-effective measures for your entire repair and maintenance needs. We may not be the biggest, but we strive to be the best.


Custom Valve Solutions has experience servicing valves in various pressure classes, types, manufacturers, sizes and services. We have experience in a wide array of industrial settings including oil refineries, power generation facilities, chemical plants, geothermal facilities, marine, natural gas plants, and other industrial and municipal end users.

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